CFFC 44 Full Results

Bout 1

Shawn Teed WINNER via Submission (Armbar) over Caleb Michaels in round 1

Bout 2

Jim Jordan WINNER via Submission (Verbal) over Greg Quarantello in round 1

Bout 3

Tim Lutke WINNER via UNAN DECISION over Donta Wade

Bout 4

Johnson Jajoute WINNER via TKO over Tim Kunkel in round 2

Bout 5

Troy Wittman WINNER via TKO over Ricky Nuno in round 3

Bout 6

Lester Caslow WINNER via Submission(Guillotine Choke) over Justin Dalton in round 1

Bout 7

Claudio Ledesma WINNER via Submission(Guillotine Choke) over Dave Morgan in round 1

Bout 8

Stephen Regman WINNER via UNAN DECISION over Shelby Graham

Bout 9

Jeremiah Wells WINNER via Submission (RNC) over Bradley Desir in round 2

Bout 10

Jared Gordon UNAN DECISION over Corey Bleaken

Bout 11

Anthony Terrell WINNER via TKO over Brett Martinez in round 2

Bout 12

CFFC Flyweight Title
Sidemar "Sideco" Honorio WINNER and New CFFC Flyweight Champion via Submission (Achilles Lock) over Darren Mima in round 2

Bout 13

CFFC Featherweight Title
Levan Makashvili WINNER and New CFFC Featherweight Champion via UNAN DECISION over Alexandre "Popo" Bezerra Da Silva

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