Sergio DaSilva Wants First Career Knockout vs. Alvarez at CFFC 63

Sergio The Savage Da silva

Cage Fury veteran Sergio "The Savage" DaSilva says his scheduled fight at CFFC 63 vs. Eddie Alvarez is personal.

DaSilva is one of the most-seasoned fighters in the lighter divisions on the entire regional circuit, with experience fighting in not only CFFC, but Bellator as well. He has become a fan favorite for the heart he puts on display on fight night. Unlike most of his previous bouts, DaSilva says there's a bit of bad blood with this one. 

"I call him Baby Edwin. The reason this one is personal because he thought it would be a good idea to talk some smack on social media. He was making fun of my ranking and my past issues with weight cuts on a CFFC live stream and all of these people start sending me screenshots of this dude talking s***. I didn’t even know who this kid was at this point, so I decided to look him up online. Then I thought to myself, I’ve been fighting for almost ten years, I’ve never disrespected anyone. Why would this guy to throw a shot at me without even knowing me.  He wants to be funny on social media and now he’s got a target on his back. He wants to mock me; well who is he? What has he done? I have just as many finishes as he does fights. He’s 2-1, both guys he beat were 0-1 and his only loss came against a guy with a winning record, and he ran away for three rounds. It’s like man, earn you stripes before you start talkin’. All these young guys think they’re McGregor. You don’t make more money in regional MMA by running your mouth. Worry about winning your fights and reaching the highest level. I look at those screenshots of his words every day as motivation."

DaSilva's strong words for his opponent did not stop with just their social media beef. "The Savage" went on to say that he think's he has a leg up on Alvarez in every facet of the fight game. 

"It’s a BAD matchup for him. I’m a high level blackbelt in jujitsu and he’s a white, maybe a blue belt. He’s a tiny flyweight and I’m a bigger bantamweight that's cutting to 130. This is just the anatomy of fighting. I’m longer than him, I’m bigger than him-My big-a** head is the size of his whole body. I honestly wish I had his coaches number because I would call up and ask why did you guys take this fight? Where do you actually think you can beat me? He’s not gonna outwrestle me, he’s not gonna out grapple me, he’s not a better boxer than me, he’s not a better Muay Thai fighter. I could literally stand there and let him sucker punch me and he wouldn’t even move me. He’s hoping I don’t make weight. I know I’ve had troubles with that in the past, and I know in his mind that’s what he’s banking on. He doesn’t want to fight me. I’ve been saying this since the contract was signed. I still expect him to pull out." 

DaSilva wants his first pro knockout against Alvarez next month, and he plans on being more aggressive than ever. Something DaSilva says wasn't always a priority.

Compiling a record of 5-8, DaSilva has found himself on the wrong end of a few decisions over the course of his career. DaSilva has never been purely outclassed inside the cage, so the losses on the judges’ scorecards sting a little extra. DaSilva says he could very easily have a winning record if he had taken a different approach in some situations.

“I think I’ve sort of dug myself into a hole by taking short notice fights and some other bouts that were a little too early for me at that point in my career. All of that created a snowball effect that made me feel like I need a win at all costs. I’m the first one to admit it, sometimes in my past fights I’m guilty of coasting. I think I’m up 2-0 and in the third round I’ve gotten takedowns and instead of trying to finish the fight I didn’t do much with them. That cruise control has cost me a lot because I’ve thought I had fights in the bag, but I had more to give. I was more worried about getting reversed and losing a round than I was about actually going for this finish. My last fight with Chris Piriz was a perfect example of that. We were even after two rounds. In round three I got two big takedowns, but I did nothing with them and I lost the decision. I was fighting more to lose than I was to win."  

Sergio acknowledges this issues he’s had with weight cutting and cardio, and says those problems are in the past and he's ready to rack up win after win.

"For me it’s a mental thing. Whether it's my Cardio, or my weight, I know I have it all under control this time around. No excuses, I'm ready to go on a crazy run. The ultimate goal is to get to the UFC, to be the best at everything I do. I believe I can beat anybody in my weight class. Regional, International I don’t care, I come to fight. People who know me know that I never shy away from a fight. I don’t pick my fights. Every matchmaker I’ve ever worked with will tell you that. If you want to be the best at basketball you don’t get to pick which team you play against, you just go out there and do your best. I don’t feel like a lot of guys do that, and it tarnishes the sport a bit. I hope one day down the line that there won’t be as many guys choosing their opponents to pad their records."  

With seven straight fights under the CFFC banner, DaSilva has stuck around with the promotion for a myriad of reasons.

"A lot people ask me why I haven’t fought for another promotion lately. I have other promoters coming to me saying ‘We have a fight for you,’ and I haven’t taken them. To me it’s not about the money, it’s about the treatment. Rob, Devon, Arias, Mike, Brad, Burt Watson, everyone really cares about the fighters. It’s a family environment at their shows. I don’t ever have to worry about bringing my kids to the fights. They treat me with respect, and everything is run professionally. I know what I gotta do, and when I gotta do it by. Everything goes so smooth. I tell all my guys in the gym that are up-and-coming amateurs that CFFC is where you want to fight. Other than the UFC I wouldn’t want to fight anywhere else. With regional MMA the fans are there to support the fighters not just the promotion. With CFFC I always have more and more new fans and kids coming up to me after every show and that's really cool. I’m very fortunate to have a following of people who aren’t just my friends and family. They recognize my hard work."

It's not just his crazy hairstyles that makes him a fan favorite. It's his honest personality, the heart he shows inside the cage, and appreciation he has for his supporters. Surely Sergio will be leaning on the noise from fans at the Borgata this Saturday.

DaSilva vs. Alvarez. It's going to be a good one folks! 

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