NJSACB and CFFC to Test New Technology For Fighter Health Analytics

Cage Fury Fighting Championships strives to ensure the well being of our most important assets, which are our fighters. In the past we have worked closely with the NJSCAB’s implementation of instant replay and judge isolation in an effort to ensure a fairer and safer environment. This weekend at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, CFFC is taking a big step towards the future of fighter safety. We are pleased to announce Cage Fury is once again setting precedents at the hands of the NJSACB (New Jersey State Athletic Control Board), as our next event will feature state-of-the-art medical testing equipment to be used on our athletes.  

“Since inception CFFC has always embraced fighter safety as a top priority,” said Alliance MMA President Rob Haydak. “It’s great to know we’re working with an Athletic Commission that also embodies the same means of operation. The EyeGuideFocus protocol is another step towards putting the fighters first, and we are honored to provide the testing ground for such an innovative process.”

The main focus of the NJSACB has and always will be the health and safety of the combat sports contestant. Obviously then, the health of the brain of the contestant is of paramount importance.

In addition to required pre-licensing and pre-fight neurological examinations, along with post-bout medical requirements; the agency has interest in testing devices that may benefit the neurological well-being of the contestant.

In the past few years, further research and information has been released with regard to both short term and long-term health concerns for contact sport athletes.

At Cage Fury Fighting Championships on February 18, 2017, the NJSACB will continue its tradition of testing medical devices, which may benefit the health and safety of the combat sport competitor. This tradition began several years ago when the agency tested field devices for the Department of the Navy designed for use in by U.S. troops subsequent to IED blasts. At Cage Fury Fighting Championships on the 18th, the agency will utilize EyeGuideFocus at no cost to either the contestant or‎ promoter. 

EyeGuideFocus objectively tracks head injury indicators in ten seconds by methods that cannot be manipulated.

Dr. Michael Kelly, a veteran ringside physician with the agency and a lifelong martial artist states, "Medical research has shown that subtle changes in eye movements can indicate concussive brain injury with surprising accuracy. Numerous studies across the country are using eye-tracking devices to quickly assess concussive brain injuries in sports"

Concussions are a major talking point amongst all contact sports as more information is being discovered, and Cage Fury is proud to be taking a proactive stand on the matter.

“The NJSACB is very excited to debut this technology at CFFC 63 this Saturday and we look forward to the results,” said commissioner of the NJ State Athletic Control Board, Larry Hazzard, Sr.

Cage Fury Admin