“He called me out at the wrong time!” -- Anyanwu vs. Pinto for the CFFC Heavyweight Title this Weekend!

11_bout Anyanwu vs Pinto.jpg

For the past few years, the Cage Fury Fighting Championships’ (CFFC) heavyweight Division has gone through Azunna “Zu” Anyanwu (11-4, CFFC 7-2), and that won’t change this Saturday when the three-time champion defends his crown against Joe Pinto (2-0, CFFC 2-0) at the Event Center in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.  CFFC 61 is a stacked card and is the first one under new appointed General Manager, Devon Mathiesen.  Former CFFC CEO, Robert Haydak,Jr., has been hired as the President ofAlliance MMA, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMMA), which has acquired CFFC and other regional promotions.

“I’m very excited about my first event at the helm, the future of CFFC, Alliance, and what it’s going to mean for our fighters,” stated the Millville native.  “I am looking forward to the entire fight card this weekend.  Our main event is definitely going to be an explosive match. Both Joe and Zu have trained very hard for this and I can't wait to see who walks away with the belt.”

            Now affectionately known as 3TC (three-time champion), Anyanwu hopes to make this another successful title defense.  However, this isn’t an ordinary title defense.  Anyanwu is looking for something to prove and isn’t holding back his feelings.  “It’s going to be a great fight on October 29th,” said the reigning champion.  “It’s been a while since someone poked the bear. I probably needed it though, because sometimes I’m too chill and go through the motions.  His camp is bringing guys out of the wood work to fight me. It’s flattering and disrespectful at the same time. In my opinion, Joe Pinto seems to be a fraud. He likes to inbox (Facebook) like a female and make bets he can’t keep. He also talks shit about his own training partners.  We don't do that here at MPR MMA.  We’re a tight knit crew. Right now it’s a bad time to fight me because I have a big ass chip on my shoulder.  He called me out at the wrong time. I remember everything you said Pinto. That being said, 2-0, 20-0, 200-0, 3TC wins on Saturday.”

            Anyanwu is confident and has the stats and power in his right hand to back it up. Three out of his last six victories have come via first round knockout and his last two victories have come against Pinto’s teammates, Plinio Cruz and Chris Birchler.  Sounds like an easy fight,right?  Don’t bet on it!

            Finding the fountain of youth at age 43, Pinto looks to be like a fighter in his prime. After an unblemished four-fight amateur career, Pinto debuted with CFFC in May 2013 with a TKO victory over Darren Costa in the second round.  Two years later, Pinto returned to the CFFC cage with another dominant TKO victory over Daniel Holmes.  Pinto doesn’t know how to lose and isn’t expected to start this Saturday.        

“At my age I don't have time to slowly work my way to the top,” said the challenger.  “I put a lot of time and effort in to making it happen and now it’s here.  I only think about Zu as an opponent, someone that has what I want and I'm coming to get it. “All I can say about this fight is, you’re not going to want to miss it. I'm giving this kid everything I got come Saturday night.”