Three Reasons Why CFFC 68 Is The Must-See MMA Event Of October


Cage Fury invades Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa on October 21 for a night of unforgettable action!

It's lights, camera and action when CFFC's particular brand of edge-of-your-seat caged ferocity fights its way into Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa on October 21 for CFFC 68. What can you expect when you buy your ticket for the MMA spectacular? For starters, you can expect the region's best mixed martial arts action starring some of the nation's best MMA brawlers.

There's also the lovely eye candy known as the CFFC Cage Girls, whose sole jobs are to distract you long enough to make the minutes between rounds and bouts feel like heavenly milliseconds. (We're not responsible for the effect these distractions may have on your girlfriend.)

If the brawls and gorgeous babes are not enough for you, there's the Borgata itself, a massive complex of fun that'll quench your thirst for gambling, entertainment and delicious drinks and food. 

So, in our best Tom Cruise voice: Who's coming with us?

Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa in Atlantic City

Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa in Atlantic City


3) 'Ain't Nuthin' Hotta...

...Than the Borgata' is a tagline we're currently in the process of getting trademarked and attached to this giant of Atlantic City, but until then we'll have to co-opt the hotel and casino's "The Show Never Ends." 

And the show really doesn't end when you enter The Borgata. From tantalizing dinner and drinks to knockout music and comedy performances, the venue has everything you could possibly want in a spellbinding night (or weekend, week, or month.) 

Want to pamper yourself? There's a bevy of spas -- and even a barbershop! -- situated on the Casino's grounds. Craving some gambling? There are table games, slots and horse-track betting that -- when paired with a mojito -- is guaranteed to make you feel like a Southern gentleman.

After a night of jam-packed MMA action brought to you by CFFC, treat yourself to one of the many different diversions that The Borgata has to offer. Make a night of it. 

Wait... we just thought of a new tagline:

'Make a Fight of It.'

Okay, we'll see ourselves out. 



2) Rising Stars Collide

If you're not firmly embedded in the trenches of MMA, you may not be familiar with the names Sodiq Yusuff, Bassil Hafez, Jeremiah Wells and Rell Hodge. But, if you kept your eyes to the sky this year like a battle-tested astronomer, you would have seen the trails of these stars rising into the heavens. 

Basil Hafez, a submission specialist, is coming off a win earlier this year at CFFC 65 where he choked out Chauncey Foxworth. A mainstay of CFFC since 2015, Hafez (3-1-0) is clawing for a championship shot in the welterweight division and a win over Jeremiah Wells (3-1-0) might put him within reach of the doorbell.

Wells, himself, appears ready to climb the division's ladder once again (he narrowly missed capturing the vacant title last year at CFFC 56), as he's put away three of his four opponents thus far. Serving as the prelude to the double main event of the evening, Wells vs. Hafez has all the makings of an instant classic, and the title implications beholden to the bout will send shockwaves through the welterweight ranks.

"Super" Sodiq Yusuff, a 24-year old fighter hailing from Maryland with an unblemished record of 5-0, faces off against William Calhoun in a meeting of 145-pounders. Yusuff has only been a pro for a little over one year, and already he has three knockouts to his name. It'll be interesting to see how the Maryland native will fare in the jungles of the Northeast region after running through his opponents in Victory Fighting Championship and Shogun Fights

Jerrell "Thundercat" Hodge -- or "Rell" if you're cool enough to know him -- was originally scheduled to face Ricky Bandejas. After that bout fell through, Hodge was paired up with the insanely active Tony Gravely who has fought 15 times (15!) since 2015. Whomever comes out on top, in this meeting of two talented grapplers, has the opportunity to knock off a title contender while getting just a bit closer to the strap. For Rell, a CFFC title would make him just the second double-Alliance MMA champion, as he currently holds the 135lb belt for fellow AMMA promotion Iron Tiger Fight Series.


1) Two Undefeated Champions Look To Carve Out Their Legacy

A championship belt is a seal of approval from the Gods of mixed martial arts. Wrapping that piece of steel and leather around your waist is akin to howling greatness at the moon, the echoes of which reverberate into the ether known as "legacy." 

But, what is legacy?

Is it leaving something behind for your family and friends to remember you by? Is it selfless giving until your shadow covers the landscape? Or, is it proving to yourself and the world that you belong in the pantheon of champions? 

For Joe Lowry and Sean Brady, two defending title holders competing at CFFC 68, legacy means thrashing opponents and holding on to their respective titles until the sun sets on their time within the promotion. At CFFC 65, both men completed the task of achieving champion status. Their wins came with a caveat though: hold on for dear life... if you can. 

Brady and Lowry understand the dilemma of the king of the mountain, as do the challengers -- it's hard to get there, but it's even harder to stay there. Brady, the training partner of former champion Jonavin Webb, has the unenviable task of staying in place through a bout with the ultra-tough Dwight Grant. Lowry's path cuts through to the gamey Rich Patishnock, who -- in the lead up to this fight -- has contested the Irish champion's verbal taunts. 

Only one thing matters, though, when the cage door slams shut on October 21 -- legacy. Who will leave Atlantic City with their's intact?